A Call for Beta Testers & Other Help

Finally, the news you’ve been waiting for. ReciPress Pro is ready for testing! I’ve given it my once over, but I need your help grinding it down and picking out any bugs that may be left. The last thing i want to do is put something out for sale, take your money, and then get flooded with, “What’s the deal? It’s broken!” support requests, and I know you don’t want to face that either.

So here’s the deal, I’m going to select 5 varied beta testers based on my criteria of what I’m looking for, and those 5 users will gain access to a hidden forum so that we can discuss bugs and issues. Those lucky 5 will also get a lifetime ReciPress license absolutely free when it hits the shelves! Applications will run between now and Friday.

Submit to be a Beta Tester

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Other Help

If you’re not selected to be a beta tester or if you’d just like to help monetarily, I am now taking donations to kickstart the Recipress marketplace. I need a little financial help to get the store up and running as I mentioned before in a previous post. All users that give a donation will receive an equal amount in store credit.

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I have the best users a developer could ask for. Thanks so much for your help. Let’s get this show on the road!

10 Responses to “A Call for Beta Testers & Other Help”

  1. Dang, I’m superbummed this was available for such a short window and notifications didn’t come out until after midnight. I guess the wait is winding down anyhow. If you still want input from Joe User…. ;p

    • I expected a large volume of applications and sadly did not get as many. I’m reopening the form and changed the verbage about the donations.

      • I would add maybe a post related what will be IN the store and a bit more detail on how the doantions work…I see a blank and a button, but I don’t see any detail on how that gets funds TO you. Just trying to help push things along!

        Also, the actual blog posts on this site aren’t evident if you aren’t looking for them. If I hadn’t signed up for email news, I would have missed this all together. You may want to adjust something so this sort of thing is more prominent.

        Just sayin’….from a laymans terms anyhow. I’m not a designer nor a programmer, but I know what Joe User goes through.

        All the best!

        • Good Gravy I need to read before posting more…what a disaster of spelling that post was…sorry.

          • Thanks for the tips! Sounds like you’d make a great beta tester. :)

  2. Are you still looking for beta testers?

    • I’m still taking applications. I haven’t approved my 5 yet.

  3. I’d be happy to test if there are still openings. I am looking for a good recipe plugin or theme for my site and am frustrated with what I’m finding. I want something that lets members post without visiting the dashboard

  4. Tami –

    Not sure if you’re still looking for beta testers, but I’m about to post a bunch of recipes with your free version, and could beta test at any point.

    I have settled on your plugin as it meets my needs, except for printing… so you’ve got me on the hook to buy when PRO becomes available :)

    Anyhow, if you need another tester with active feedback, I’ll be posting several recipes a week for the next month or two…

    Matt Kettlewell

  5. I am wondering if you have any plan for USDA Nutrition Database integration?

    Anyway, I am interested in the beta testing and provide feedback if you are still looking for beta testers.

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