significant number of people only visit the dentist for cosmetic reasons. Overall, their oral health is outstanding. They rarely get a cavity, they don’t have any dental pain, and their gums are healthy and thriving. To put it simply, there’s no reason for them to visit a dentist other than to have their teeth cleaned every six months. Yet many of these people do visit the dentist, and they do so regularly. Why are they going so often?

The reality of the world today is that many people visit the dentist for cosmetic reasons. They either don’t like the size, color, or configuration of their teeth, so they visit their dentist to have the issues resolved. Their dentist will whiten their teeth, help the teeth become better aligned, and even apply dental veneers if the patient is unhappy with the size of their teeth. The point here is that there are lots of people out there visiting a cosmetic dentist and spending large sums of money each year.

What many of these patients don’t realize is that their cosmetic dentist can actually handle any other dental issues that they might be having. When most people hear “cosmetic dentist”, they think of a dentist who can only perform cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening. What they don’t realize is that cosmetic dentists are just like regular dentists. They’ve gone through dental school and they understand everything there is to know about dentistry. They know how to perform a root canal, how to pull teeth, how to install dental implants, how to identify gum disease and oral cancer, and even how to put on dental crowns. When people use the term “cosmetic dentist”, they’re still talking about a regular dentist. They’re just using the term to highlight the fact that the dentist can also perform cosmetic treatments

When a dentist markets themselves as a cosmetic dentist, they’re doing so because they know that most people these days visit the dentist for cosmetic reasons. Since people are taking better care of their teeth than ever before, dental emergencies and necessary dental care isn’t needed as often. If a dentist wants to keep their doors open and see patients outside of their regular visits, then they need to market themselves as a cosmetic dentist. The average dentist is going to see a lot more people each year for teeth whitening than they are for dental implants or a root canal. The reality of the dental industry today is that most of the money, again, outside of regular checkups, is made on cosmetic procedures. A person’s teeth and gums might be healthy, but if they don’t look just right, most people are willing to spend money to change that.

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