Wax on and wax off. This is a line from the sensei in the famous movie Karate Kid. It’s a classic movie and a classic line. But many can “sleep” on this concept. Individuals can automatically think that they know everything and this causes great deterrence in their personal growth and their value to society.film production

This is very true in all aspects of life. Always be humble, learn the basics and continue to build up. If one continues to build up and align with the right people and create value all along the way, then they can be able to progress in life and understand how push the boundaries forward.

They understand what it takes to build, they know what drives the creation of the art, the film production, the novel. They have done the hard work, they have waxed on and waxed off.

Skipping the waxing on and waxing off is skipping the basics, skipping the basics and trying to fly can lead one to the path of Icarus, fly too high, to quickly, get really close the sun and rapidly fall.

Learning the basics in film production is important because it can help individuals to create compelling video production without having to spend an excessive amount of money. Learning the basics in video production services ranging from the videographer to necessary films services such as storytelling and sound mixing can make sure that the individuals are able to move forward and win with each action.


Paranormal Activity and Film Production


Paranormal Activity was independent from the start. The team made its way into film festivals in 2007 and then the movie was able to be picked up by the bigwigs, Paramount Pictures. After it was picked up by the larger entity, it went through some changes and then was given to the public in a selective manner in a year and half later. A few months after the selective screenings were conducted, the film was released on a large scale and sent out for a national release.


This particular film production was well received by the  audience. The film received more than $150 million over the course of its run domestically and abroad as well.


Now think about this aspect, it was done a very low budget, it was sold to Paramount for less than $500,000 and then it went on to make more than $150 million. That is quite a return on investment for a video production.


Everyone wishes that all film productions can be made in that manner, that it would be that profitable but the economics may not always be that way.


A Bit About the Film Production Company Of Paranormal Activity

Oren Peli, one of the leads in the film production focused on one simple idea, he would make sure to focus on the aspect of truth and reality in the film as opposed to extreme violence, gore and related aspects.

He didn’t need too much equipment, all he needed was a simple home video camera. He focused on the plot and made sure to stay close to the essence of story and what would really drive an audience in the video production.

He didn’t need too many effects either. He stuck to his unique style and simplicity and made a masterpiece through videographer skills. The story was done in a progressive manner, there was rough outline and people did what they did, the leads captured what mattered and made a success.

The lesson we learn from this is: stick to the basics. Wax on and Wax off. It will matter in video production and everywhere else in life.

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