An Update on Pro and Other Developments

Jumping right in, and first things first: Pro is still coming. But instead of wrapping multiple features into one big plugin, I’m going to offer each extra feature as an individual add-on. This way, you can customize your ReciPress experience instead of paying a lump sum for features you may or may not use. You can see living examples of this model with other free plugins such as WooTheme’s WooCommerce, and Pippin’s Plugins’ Easy Digital Downloads. Add-ons will range in price from $10-$50 depending on what the offer in value and functionality and upgrading will have the same automation built in that your other WordPress plugins do.

Why has “soon” taken so long?

I’ve said before on the blog that it has been difficult to keep up with the development because I’m working on this alone. Add that to the personal struggles I’ve experienced this year (sickness, hospitalization, job loss, etc.), and you’ve got yourself a delayed plugin. Thankfully, I’m now employed by not just another web company, but a team of WordPress experts that specialize in premium WordPress engineering, 10up. We’re going to wrap ReciPress into company oversight which means I’ll have backup and help with future development.

I still don’t want to promise any dates quite yet, but I am working on a major cleanup of the core plugin and do feel confident that the first two add-ons (print and advanced search), will be available sometime in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to share these with you and as always appreciate you’re ongoing support and patience.

8 Responses to “An Update on Pro and Other Developments”

  1. Great news, although Print and inclusion in core RSS Feeds should be included in basic plugin.

    Add as Paid Add Ons
    Share by Email
    Download PDF
    Multiple Recipes Per Post
    Video Guides (Option next to images)
    Gravity Forms Add On (for public posting)

    • Thanks for suggesting, Peter. I agree. I was a little surprised that the print functionality was shown in the demo & the video (on, to find that it wasn’t included in the basic plugin.

      @Terry – love the plugin, other than the print issue; good luck on moving it forward.

  2. We lovet his plug-in. The look, the functionality, everything! All we are wanting for is that print recipe option. Any idea when that will be available?!

  3. Hi! how can I get the print option now?

  4. Hi, I’m currently using ReciPress on this site: In addition to the above, the thing that I’d really like to see is…

    1. The ability to have the recipe play by the rules of [more] so that if I want an excerpt of a long post, the recipe would still be on the actual entry page, but not in the excerpt, too.

    2. Also, because of this same thing, when using JetPack as a subscribe method, the email notification that gets sent via JetPack to notify a subscriber of a new post (with recipe) does not include the recipe. So, the subscriber is left to read a good post w/o the recipe.

    Thanks for all your hard work and I can’t wait to see what the add ons are.

  5. Still need that print option! That is what kills this plugin, you been saying for a year you were going to release/sell it and you already have it done?

  6. Love the free version and have been waiting for the Pro add-ons!
    I agree that the things I am waiting for the most are multiple recipes per post (is this an add-on?), and “Print This”.

  7. Just adding my two shallot’s worth… we’d love to be able to buy what you’ve already got done, and help support future developments!

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