Copper mugs, they look great and go even greater when used to drink Moscow mule from. The appeal of copper mugs is just something that can really catch your eye. While they are the ideal match for the vodka and ginger ale cocktail, copper mugs generally are great drinking vessels as the copper is great at insulating the temperature of the drink keeping it hot or cold as you desire. If you are someone who does not own a copper mug yet, you should seriously think about getting one or two. They are a great piece to have at home in store for drinks you want to enjoy especially a nice cold Moscow mule. Here are seven reasons to yourself some copper mugs.

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  1. Drinking from a copper mug will make you look awesome – The Moscow mule and their pair the copper mug have gained an iconic status in the world today. Even since the drink rose to popularity in the 40s in Hollywood, the Moscow mule has now been associated with sophistication and living the life. Add that to the vintage appeal that copper mugs bring and you will look a lot cooler than people drinking from a glass.
  2. Rustic has become more popular – The rustic trend has grown out of the autumn comfort zone and what better way to hop on aboard than getting yourself a copper mug to use. The copper mug evokes a warm feeling that gives an inviting energy that works well in any area of your home.
  3. It is a good investment – The stock of copper is seeing a steady grow in today’s market. Even if you do not intend to go on aboard and invest in copper stocks, you can take part in the growth of the value of copper by purchasing some copper mugs whose value will slowly grow as they sit in the comfort of your home.
  4. It ages like a fine wine – When it comes to aesthetics, people can differ based on preference. However, when it comes to the beauty of copper mugs, most owners will agree that the beauty of the copper only gets better as it ages. Having such an item will add a lot of rustic aesthetic to your arsenal.
  5. You can collect a variety – Next to shot glasses, copper mugs have the greatest variety. You can find many different kinds of copper mugs such as ones that have an antique finish, have logos emblazoned on them, etc.
  6. There are health benefits to using them – It might seem strange but using copper mugs actually has been said to bring about some health benefits due to the oligodynamic effect of copper wherein it is able to sterilize bacteria and copper also contains antioxidants.
  7. Copper mugs are quite Instagram worthy – Having a copper mug won’t be much fun if you won’t show it off. Take pictures of your copper mugs or you drinking from them and enjoy decorating your Instagram feed with their beauty.

One fun venture that homeowners can engage in is picking out custom Blinds to set up on their windows at home. Having window blinds is a great way to add a lot of aesthetic value to one’s home and beautify the interior of the house, and with a wide variety of hues, styles, textures, and designs to choose from, homeowners can have fun experimenting and finding window blinds that will work in their home. Having a functional aspect (improving privacy and regulating indoor sunlight) makes window blinds an ever better investment for homeowners.

Custom Blinds

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Window blinds can be manufactured from a variety of materials with the common ones being fabric, plastic, wood, and metal. The differences in materials of window blinds along with the variety in other aspects really allows homeowners to get creative with their choices when it comes to making the windows and overall, the interior look good.

For homeowners that are looking to create a lighter mood in the room, it would be advisable to look for window blinds that have a lighter texture which will allow it to let in more light into the area. For a calm and private environment, going for window blinds have a heavy texture and thick material that can block out the light would do the trick. As a homeowner, you would always want the best for your home and that means choosing the right kind of window blinds that would fit. To help you out, here are four common options that you can check out.

  1. Persian blinds – This is the kind of custom blinds that you would find most often in the market. Persian blinds are the most common choice when it comes to choosing blinds and they are also known as slat blinds named after the “slats” which is part of the blinds usually made from wood and metal that are adjustable and help regulate sunlight and privacy.
  2. Roman blinds – Roman blinds, similar to slat blinds, are ideal when it comes to adjusting the amount of sunlight coming in and the amount of privacy that you get indoors. Roman blinds however, have an upper hand in such functionality as they feature a blackout lining behind the main material allowing for greater filtering of light. Roman blinds are also notable for their crisp and clean design.
  3. Roller blinds – This kind of window blinds is a more modern take on the design of the window blinds and they are a common sight in the design of new homes these days. Roller blinds feature a system that is easy to use when you want to adjust the blinds so as to be able to control light and privacy indoors.
  4. Vertical blinds – Also a common choice in the custom blinds market, vertical blinds are the usual option when it comes to office spaces and other commercial areas. Their long vertical design can really create a business setting in the room which is why it is common in offices and also make it easier to clean and maintain.

Yoga; many people are into it, and more are starting to take an interest in it. It’s no surprise considering that yoga has provided an avenue where people can spend their time well after a day at work or school and be able to get some respite from all the stressors during the day and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation to prep one’s self for another day ahead under the guidance of yoga certified instructor. Yoga has some actual benefits to offer those who are willing to partake and commit to the activity. Here are ten reasons why yoga is good for your physical health.

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  1. It makes you more flexible – Yoga involves a lot of stretching and a multitude of poses to practice. When you do yoga you will be stretching your muscles pushing them slowly and slowly which in turn will make you more flexible.
  2. It strengthens your muscles – As you engage in the activities of yoga, your muscles will be tested and put to the limit. Slowly, you will push this limit and find yourself having much stronger muscles in the long run of doing yoga.
  3. It develops your posture – Having good posture is something you will be able to develop in the journey. You will be practicing a series of poses which will help your structure be able to support itself better.
  4. It slows down the degradation of your joints and cartilage – The constant physical activity that you go through whole doing yoga will help keep these areas maintained and in tip top shape helping them stay healthier as time goes by.
  5. It helps protect your spine – The physical activity your body does also helps in the strengthening of your spine. Movement will help the spine keep itself healthy and thus keeping you safe and protected as well.
  6. It makes your bones healthier – Just as doing yoga under teachers with a yoga certification helps strengthen your muscles, it also helps in making your bones strong as well. The constant movement and supporting of weight makes the bones stronger and healthier.
  7. It improves the flow of your blood – When you are doing yoga, you will be constantly moving around. This means that your blood has to flow at a more efficient rate to supply your muscles which overall can make you feel better.
  8. It improves the strength of your immune system – Engaging in yoga helps your lymph nodes function better by making them supply more immune cells into your body. This will result in you having a stronger immune system.
  9. It increases your heart rate – As you engage in more vigorous yoga with the help of your instructor who has a yoga certification, you will be able to improve your heart rate which in turn will help your heart become healthier over time.
  10. It reduces your blood pressure – It has been shown by research that the act of yoga helps in reduces the person’s blood pressure making it helpful for those who are suffering from hypertension.