What is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (popularly known as asl) is a rare brain disease that affects the
neurons that control the movement of voluntary muscles. These muscles help us to talk, chew and walk. This disease progresses over time and can even lead to the death of the affected person. But this article will show you where you can get the best ALS treatment in Colorado, USA.

ALS belongs to a class of diseases known as motor neuron ailments that are mainly caused by the death and degeneration of neurons. Motor neuron helps the brain to communicate with the voluntary muscles and other parts of the body. This article will provide information about the ALS symptoms, causes and where to get the best ALS treatment that readers wanted to know.

What Are the Symptoms of ALS?

Some patients overlook the symptoms of ALS because they are gradual which later develops into
a real weakness that makes the doctors suspect the development of ALS. Some of the initial symptoms of ALS are listed below:

-Muscle cramps

-difficulty in chewing or swallowing

-Muscle weakness that affects the neck, diaphragm and the leg

-Nasal and slurred speech.

-Cognitive changes



– Increased Clumsiness

-Problems with saliva and mucus

-Difficulties in discharging daily activities including walking or talking.

For many people the experience the first ALS sign when they have difficulties in performing simple
tasks such as buttoning, writing or locking the house.

Regardless of where the ALS sign appears first, atrophy and muscle weakness spread to the other
body parts as the disease progresses.

Causes and Types of ALS

It is not yet clear about what causes ALS. There are various types of ALS, based on the symptoms
and signs or on whether there is a genetic association or not.

ALS can either be familial or sporadic.

Sporadic ALS is the one that occurs randomly and accounts for more than 90% of ALS cases.

Familial ALS is one that one can inherit from their family tree. It accounts for 5-10% of all the
ALS cases reported.

Doctors suspect that these could be the possible causes of ALS as discussed below:

-Disorganized Immune Response- Your immune system can attack some of your neurons and possibly
killing some of them.

-Chemical Imbalance-Higher levels of Glutamate in your brain can destroy your nerve

-Mishandling of proteins- if proteins are not handled well in your body, they may accumulate,
and this leads to the death of the nerve cells.

Potential Risk Factors for ALS


Although ALS can affect you at any age, it is more prevalent between the ages of 55 to 75 years.


Men are at a higher risk of contracting ALS compared to women. However, as people age, the
difference between men and women about ALS disappears.

-Ethnicity and Race

Non-Hispanics and Caucasians are at a higher risk of contracting ALS

Where to Get the Best ALS Treatment?

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