http://www.cutterinnovations.comThere are few areas where human beings have made more advancements than in aerospace. A thousand years ago, most of humanity didn’t even know that the world is round, but today the average person spends at least a few hours a year traveling from one location to another in an airplane. On top of commercial air travel, which is quite ubiquitous, humans are also able to send satellites into orbit around the planet, human beings up to the international space station, and even people to the moon. It’s even imaginable to think of humans one day setting foot on Mars. The aerospace industry is incredible, and it’s one of the many areas where you can see just how far people have come in their history.

Of course, in order for people to travel from one place to another by plane or for cell phones to work via a satellite orbiting the planet, those planes and satellites first have to be created. It costs billions of dollars and takes hundreds of thousands of man hours to create such marvels of human technology. They are painstakingly designed, assembled, and tested before they’re allowed to hit the market. This is the case because the stakes are so high. Over the course of a plane’s lifetime, thousands upon thousands of people will ride in it, and so it has to work as it was designed to work every single time. The loss of life would be far too great, which is why it’s critical that they’re designed perfectly and tested before anyone is allowed to fly in them.

It’s this commitment to safety, along with the complexity of aerospace equipment, that drives the need for companies in the aerospace machining industry to be committed to precision. Every single part in each plane has to be designed and manufactured perfectly for the plane to fly, and since the Boeing 737 is made up of more than 367,000 parts, that commitment to precision has to be never-ending. Companies like Boeing that design and assemble aircraft rely on aerospace precision machining companies to create their parts, and those precision machining companies have to create the parts perfectly every single time. They have to use the most advanced equipment available to humanity to ensure that every single part making up that plane is manufactured exactly as it was designed. If one single part is off, the entire aircraft won’t work properly. As was mentioned before, the stakes are high, so these parts have to be made exactly as they were intended every single time.

Aerospace machining companies like Cutter Innovations understand this, which is why they use techniques like wire EDM and 5-axis CNC machining to create their parts. These techniques, enhanced with the use of software and computers, allow them to create and replicate the exact parts that aerospace manufacturers rely on. Thanks to companies like Cutter Innovations, it’s possible for all of us to feel confident every single time we board a plane that that plane is going to fly as it was meant to fly.