When it comes to designing great structures or spaces, every element needs special attention and perfect selection. Be it the flooring material, wall texture, paint or ceiling work, everything requires expert pick and so thus the windows and the doors. Being an essential part of every interior and exterior, one should select windows and doors with great details to ensure perfect designing and look for space. You can do wonders and can convert a boring room into an interesting and appealing space by adding best dimmable smart windows and doors to it. As these are the connections between your surroundings and your living spaces, they should be perfect.

Cost effective: dimmable smart windows are very much cost effective as compared to the traditional wooden and aluminum windows.

Fire resistant: unlike the wooden ones, smart windows products have fire resistance which ensures safety in the case of fire.

Durability: The windows are long lasting and are highly durable. They remain same for years, unlike the wooden or aluminum windows which get affected by several climatic conditions.

Weather resistant: dimmable smart windows are largely unaffected by harsh weather conditions and outdoor factors. It provides resistance to rain, sunlight, strong wind, etc.

Water tightness: These windows ensure zero incomings of water, even in the case of heavy rainfall and water cleaning.

Low maintenance cost: dimmable smart windows don’t require regular painting as the traditional wooden windows and need minimum maintenance.

Eco-friendly: These windows are Eco-friendly as they provide a smart alternative for wood which is used mainly for making windows and result in a significant amount of deforestation. These windows and doors can be recycled and reused.

The windows are used for dimming the lights by monitoring daylight conditions in a room and then regulating the amount of light that is adequate in a room, therefore, maintaining desirable lighting levels. The low voltage sensor operates on a 24VDC supply through a power pack, which enables a 20Amp workload to be controlled. The Lux threshold can be conveniently programmed via push buttons or via the automatic set point push button where the sensor records the desired lux levels prevailing at the time of programming. This is known as the Digital Setpoint programming feature.

Some similar Sensors are available as a Ceiling Mount Recessed, Ceiling Mount Non Recessed and a Fixture Mount where access to the ceiling is limited. All modes and settings are entered digitally via a push button sequence. Once programmed, the exact value of the set point (in foot candles) can be read out from the sensor via a series of LED flashes.

The Superior Windows present a smart system for your windows. They offer –

a) 4 stages of operation – Closed, Open, Micro-ventilation, Ventilation

b) Control the amount of ventilation – Easy, single-hand operation to change from closed to open to micro ventilation

c) Opens into the interior of the house for easy cleaning

d) Option to have only Tilt or Turn action

e) Tilt action even on patio and sliding doors

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