aren’t many things in life that are less enjoyable than having a dental emergency. Most dental emergencies are accompanied by a great deal of pain, so that in itself is enough to make the experience less than fun. But when you combine that with the fact that it often catches people off guard and they aren’t sure what the issue is, you’ve got a situation that people hate: pain accompanied by uncertainty. Of course, many dental emergencies also strike at the worst time, like when someone is on vacation, in the middle of the night, or on Sunday evening right when they’re about to sit down and watch their favorite show. To put it starkly, dental emergencies plain stink.

Since dental emergencies often come out of nowhere, it’s critical that everyone out there knows of a great emergency dentist before a dental emergency strikes. That way, when a dental emergency does come up, you know exactly who to call to have the issue addressed. Of course, most people don’t take this step, and they’re left frantically trying to find an emergency dentist while they’re in a great deal of pain. This is the kind of situation you want to avoid, and you can do so by finding a great emergency dentist while things are going pretty well with your teeth.

The big thing that you should be looking for in an emergency dentist is someone that you can rely on. Half of the emergency dentist’s job is being able to fix the issue that’s bothering you, but the other half is just showing up. There are countless “emergency” dental clinics out there that claim to offer emergency services, but when you need them in the middle of the night on a Wednesday, they’re nowhere to be found. They don’t get back to you until their office opens the next day, and by then your issue could be so bad that you’ve already had to figure something out, i.e. visiting an emergency room. You have to be able to rely on your emergency dentist to pick up the phone or get back to you within the hour, because otherwise you may no longer require their services because you’ve had to figure something else out. This is the most important thing an emergency dentist can bring to the table, that they’ll answer their phone and get you into their office right away.

This is precisely why Wohrman Dental Group is such a popular emergency dentist. They always have someone manning the emergency line, and that means that someone gets back to you almost immediately. They’ll talk to you over the phone to see if they can identify the issue quickly, and then they’ll get you into their office right away. This sets them apart from many of the emergency dentists out there, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re the premier emergency dentist in the Memphis area. To speak with them about becoming your emergency dentist going forward, visit their website at