You might be tempted to hire a handyman like the crew at The House of Blinds to come to install your window shades for you but you can save yourself some money and easily install them yourself! Taking on a new task can be intimidating for sure, but if you break down a seemingly complex task into tiny, easy-to-manage, bite-sized bits, you can baby-step your way to success! Plus, you can’tcustom blinds beat that feeling of accomplishment after a job well done. If you are still reading this, I hope that means you are willing to give it a go! Let’s take it step-by-step.


Step 1


The first thing you need to decide is how you are going to install them, either inside mount or outside mount. If you want something more “finished-looking” go for inside mount. When measuring, it’s important to figure out the width by measuring the distance between the two side jams. Take a measurement at the bottom, middle and top and use the smallest measurement of the three. When measuring the length, take a measurement from the bottom of the head jamb to the top of the window sill on the center of the window as well as both sides. Use the smallest of the three measurements just like before. Use those measurements to order your custom blinds from a reputable business. Make sure you double check your measurements because all sales on custom shades are final!


Step 2


Make sure any curtain and drapery hardware that might still be attached gets removed before checking the hardware that arrived with your new shade to make sure everything is included. Measure two inches inward from both side jambs and draw a mark on the head jamb above the window.


Step 3


Hold one of the metal mounting brackets up against the head jamb, keeping it aligned with the pencil line you created in the last step.

In order to make sure that the bracket is all square, line up the front edge of the head jamb with the brackets front lip. Mark the two screw holes. Repeat this process for the other brackets as well. Grab a drill fitted with a one-sixteenth-diameter bit to make pilot holes at each screw location. Make sure you hold the bit perfectly straight as you bore into the head jamb. If your window is wider than 44 inches, you will need to install a third, center bracket. If you are narrower than 44 inches, two brackets will be all you need.


Step 4

Holding the bracket in place, aligned with the screw pilot holes you just made, fasten the bracket with two screws. Repeat the process with the remaining mounting brackets. Using a level, make sure your mounting brackets are properly installed by holding the level across the two brackets.



Step 6

Loosen the small screws on the bottom side of the mounting brackets, then lift the shade up to the head jamb and hook the front edge of the shade’s headrail onto the protruding lip of the two brackets.

Swing the rear of the headrail back toward the window and tighten the brace screws to lock the shade into the brackets.