Throwing a corporate dinner is no easy task. You have to make sure that you are not only keeping in line with the company’s professionalism, but that you are giving its employees a memorable evening that they will remember for decades to come.

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The key is to maintain a balance between being fun and professional, so that the evening turns out to be an enjoyable event without it being made fun of for being too over the top.

To help you accomplish this feat, here are a few ideas that could turn your event venue into a memorable space for your esteemed guests – for all the right reasons.

Turn It Into a Great Gatsby Party

Scott Fitzgerald’s esteemed novel may have been published almost a century ago in 1925, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of many for its profound storyline and the way it could still transport you to the 1920s era by its mere words or through its stellar movie adaptation from 2013.

Since Jay Gatsby himself was known for his magnificent parties, paying homage to the character through rich and indulgent costumes and gastronomical offerings would not only seem fitting for the theme, but would also give your employees a reason to dress up for an evening of elaborate enjoyment.

You can easily book a banquet hall at any event venue, and by the help of the staff and your own ideas, turn it into a 1920s reception hall that the company’s employees could enjoy.

Have a Historical Figures Event

One more theme that could blend in the fun element without seeming too outrageous is “historical figures”. In this themed party, you could turn your banquet hall or event venue into a welcoming space for famous historical entities from a variety of periods.

You could ask your employees to dress up as historical figures, and serve food from different eras that would provide a sense of old-world charm.

By throwing in some music from different historic periods, you could easily turn the reception hall into a ballroom, and have an evening that could go down in your company history with golden words.

Have a Futuristic Dinner

Another theme that would be fun at a corporate dinner is about everything related to the future. At such a dinner party, you could showcase invention ideas from the future at your event venue, including but not limited to robotics, space and lifestyle innovations.

Your guests may not have to dress up in elaborate costumes for this, but you could make up for this by serving food that is the epitome of modern gastronomy.

This theme would not only be a shift from the more regularly styled dinner parties, but would also provide ample yet positive talking points to the attendees for days to come.


All of This Could Be Possible by Picking the Right Event Venue

To pull off the task of holding the perfect corporate dinner, you need to have an event venue that could adapt to the kind of themed party that you decide to host.

Quebec Place at Fairmount in Denver, Colorado is one such place, which is built with a sophisticated yet modern approach in mind. Thus, it could be home to parties that range from themes of yesteryear to ideas of the future.

With a banquet hall that could fit hundreds of guests in a very comfortable manner, you do not even have to worry about the size of your dinner party at this Fairmount event center. Therefore, if you are looking for a banquet venue Denver citizens swear by, then look no further than the Quebec Place at Fairmount.