of the biggest health issues in the United States is that people simply don’t visit doctors and specialists consistently enough. Huge numbers of Americans go years, even decades without visiting a doctor to have a physical performed, let alone visit a specialist of some kind. This is a problem because it means that lots of people are living with treatable medical conditions that go untreated simply because the doctors don’t have access to them. A person might have syphilis, an easily curable disease, but because they don’t visit a doctor, the disease begins to cause serious side effects. The same thing is true for type 2 diabetes. Millions of Americans are living with the disease, which could be managed through medical intervention, but they don’t know they have the disease because they haven’t visited a doctor and had tests performed in years. The field of medicine has seen huge advancements over the past couple of decades, and many diseases and ailments can be easily managed and treated. However, for this treatment to occur, people have to actually visit the doctor or a specialist, something that not enough people are doing.

In line with this, let’s talk about why it’s so important for every adult over the age of 30 to visit a dermatology clinic annually. Dermatologists are highly specialized doctors who focus on skin. They can assess a person’s skin to see if there are any diagnosable conditions, and if there are such conditions, they understand what the best course of action is for treatment. They can help people who are dealing with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and any number of other skin conditions. They can tell people what types of products they should be putting on their skin, if they should be taking any medications, and how they can manage their diet to improve the appearance and feel of their skin. Put simply, they’re highly trained professionals who can help people manage any number of skin conditions.

Why it’s so important for people over the age of 30 to visit a dermatology clinic is because that’s around the age where skin damage can start to take its toll. Roughly 20% of Americans will contract skin cancer during their lifetime, and in many cases this disease can threaten a person’s life. However, skin cancer is one a few types of cancer that can be treated quite successfully if it’s caught early enough. There are many different types of treatment, from freezing patches of skin off to hitting them with a laser, that can effectively cure a person of skin cancer. However, for that to happen, a person has to catch their skin cancer early, which is exactly why it’s so important for people to start visiting a dermatologist annually once they hit the age of 30. By visiting a clinic like Dermatology of Seattle and Bellevue on an annual basis to have a skin screening performed, people can guarantee that if they do contract skin cancer, it’s caught at an early enough point in the disease for them to be treated. Don’t mess with your health. Visit your dermatologist annually and be sure that your skin is healthy.