water gardenDo you love the sound of water? Are you someone who lives for those moments when you can get to the river the lake or the ocean? If this is you than a water garden might enhance your life. Many people don’t think about bringing the sight and sound of water that they love so much into their daily life. They assume that it’s too difficult, that it’s only for rich people, or that it’s just going to be too hard to do. At Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes, we can help you install a water garden that will make your life better.

Ways that Water Gardens Can Enhance Your Life

The sound of running water is relaxing even if it’s trickling or tinkling over a tiny waterfall, Listening to water seems to help put the human brain at peace. If you are stressed all the time, or you feel like you’re running this way in that and you never get to relax, putting in a water garden might be a way to help your brain find the rest that it needs.

You don’t have to put in an extensive water garden to reap these benefits. Sure, a whole pond is nice, and changing your whole backyard into one water feature after another would be bliss, but even installing a simple fountain in a large planter can help you reap the benefits of having water nearby.

People seem to be wired to relaxed and natural surroundings. When you install a water garden and close your eyes while sitting next to it, you can be transported to nature. You’ll find that you forget your cares, and come away feeling less stressed and happier overall.

Using Your Water Garden for a Better Life

Once you have your water garden installed, and you know how to take care of it and perform the upkeep that’s necessary on it, it’s time to enjoy it. Place a comfortable chair or a lounger near your water garden. Make sure that you can hear the sound of the water as you’re sitting down.

Every day, preferably at the same time of day, go sit in your chair. Leave your electronics behind, then close your eyes once you’re comfortable. Listen to the sound of trickling water. If you’re worried about falling asleep or spending too much time there, you can set an alarm on your phone, but keep the phone itself well away from you. You don’t want to be distracted while you’re relaxing!

Figure out how long you want to spend near your water garden. You may start with 5 or 10 minutes, and decide to do more as you see the benefits that the water garden has in your life. Spend this time relaxing, letting go of the cares and worries of the day.

It may help to bring a journal to your time by your water garden. If you’re somebody who likes to write things down, this is a perfect way and place to get your thoughts on paper. Give yourself plenty of time to write about your day, and to include all of the things that you’re thinking or worrying about in your writing. Once you’re done, you’ll feel better. Over time, you may find that having installed your water garden has made you a happier person.