NOW uses the new WordPress 3.5 media uploader for images!

I’ve just sent up version 1.9.5 which includes a boat load of fixes and updates. One of the most exciting from a user’s standpoint is the support of WordPress’ new media manager for uploading image. This is sure to give you a better experience, especially for those of you that may have had trouble with uploading images in the past.

Another cool new feature from a developer’s point of view is the improved field output function which is now being used by the recipe meta box and the options page. Everything is output in a neat, orderly fashion and sanitized before it is saved. Yay for clean code!

Here’s a full breakdown of fixes and updates:

  • fixed a few missing text strings for localization
  • major code cleanup for things like whitespace
  • adding php docs for major functions
  • changed the ingredients selection to “chosen” select box
  • improved checks and balances by creating settings defaults function
  • depcrecated recipress_post_type() in favor of recipress_options( ‘post_type’ )
  • depcrecated recipress_use_taxonomies() in favor of recipress_options( ‘taxonomies’ )
  • deprecated recipress_theme() in favor of recipress_options( ‘theme’ )
  • added option to “unlink” ingredients
  • changed recipress_time() to accept iso format as boolean
  • updated icon.css for 3.5
  • improved repeatable fields by creating empty array, rather than repeating code
  • added functions for properly sanitizing options and meta
  • moved html output for options and meta box fields into it’s own, cleaner, easier to use function
  • removed use of Google font in admin areas
  • fixed recent recipes widget to support custom post type
  • changed media uploader from old thickbox method to new media manager (3.5 now required)

3 Responses to “NOW uses the new WordPress 3.5 media uploader for images!”

  1. changed the ingredients selection to “chosen” select box

    This renders every single ingredient added in past as disappeared. This is major headache and as I have clients with over 200 recipes, this means no one can upgrade until either you or someone else comes up with a solution fast!

    • Peter,

      Have you posted this is the support forum? if so, can you link me and also make sure a screenshot is provided.


    There ya go!

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