Did you know that Louisiana is one of the places in the United States to experience a significant percentage of rainfall throughout the year?

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According to recorded data, the state of Louisiana on average can expect to receive more than 55 inches of rain per year. Louisiana is the second state to receive this much rain, the other state is that of Hawaii.


But why is this so, why does Louisiana receive so much rain on average and state level?


This is due to the fact that this state resides in the south, specifically because it resides next to a large body of water called the Gulf of Mexico.

The different interactions that take place in the Gulf of Mexico provides much rain for the state of Louisiana on a yearly basis and makes it to where it surpasses the rainfall levels of places such as Florida and other states on state level.

Louisiana can sometimes expect to get more than one hundred inches of rain per year. That is quite an amount of rain when one thinks about it just for one state!

It is certainly an astounding fact that should matter to residents of this great Bayou state.

Why, you ask?

Well, it is quite simple. Too much of something, even it if something that is great, can quickly turn into a bad thing. This is certainly true with the element of water and rain as well.

Think about it. What can happen if there’s too much rain happening on a regular basis? Floods!

Excessive rain may cause floods which can cause significant damage all around. Thus, this phenomenon makes it to where it is important for residents in Louisiana to make sure that they are prepared for the rain and can act with a preventative approach to mitigate costs that may happen if they are not prepared.

So what those who reside in the Bayou state do to be prepared? They can start by strengthening their roof installation as well as their gutter installation. They can look at the different ways where they will be able to minimize their problems caused by the lack of control of water within their properties.

Start with an Inspection

The first step is to call a few roofing repair contractors and check to see if the roof and your gutter system is in working order. The reason why you would want to call several contractors for potential roofing repair needs is because you want to have multiple opinions, and would want to make sure that the advice that is given to you by the roofing repair contractor is legitimate.


Gather Opinions

Once you have heard several opinions from different contractors, you can know that the general consensus is the right one. If many of them say that nothing is wrong, then you can be fairly certain that it is the case. On the other hand, if only a single contractor point outs issues but cannot provide any evidence of them, then make a mental note to not take their advice in the future since that could be a cash grab technique.

Ask About Costs

If the general opinion is that roofing and gutter repair must be done, then make sure to ask about the costs and what they will go toward. See if you can get a written general estimate of the work that will need to be done, contact your insurance company and proceed with the process.

Make Sure You Get All Aspects of the Roof Checked, Including the Gutters

Since you will be going through an extended inspection of your roof installation system anyway, ensure to have other aspects of your roofing, such as your chimney and your gutter installation checked properly.

By garnering repair and upkeep suggestions from various Baton Rouge roofing contractors on all aspects, you can sleep soundly knowing that your house is in optimal shape/