ReciPress Options

ReciPress purposely doesn’t have a lot of options because it is intended to give you quick, out of the box functionality. But there are a few things you can do to tweak it to your liking.

Recipe Output

  1.  Automatically Output Recipe
    Default: Yes

    Setting this to no will require that you use the [recipe] shortcode when creating the blog post or the_recipe() template tag within your theme’s single.php template. (More about Output Options)

  2. Output Recipe On
    Default: Single Post Page

    Choose the pages where you would like the recipe to be  visible. Home Page/Latest Posts Page, Single Post Page, Archive and Category Pages, and/or Search Results Page

  3. Recipe Theme
    Default: Light

    ReciPress comes with three basic theme options for the recipe box. “Light” is meant to be used with light colored themes. “Dark” is meant to be used with dark colored themes. “ReciPress” is a custom design that can be used on light or dark themes.  Teaser: There will be more themes!

  4. Use Featured Image
    Default: Yes

    If your WordPress theme supports Post Thumbnails, by default ReciPress will use the posts’s featured image for the recipe. If you would prefer to use different images, set this option to “No”, and it will add an option in the add recipe box to upload an image. If your theme does not support Post Thumbnails, you will see that option automatically, and you will not see the “Use Featured Image” option in the ReciPress options page. (More about Adding Recipes)

Recipe Input

  1. Use Taxonomies
    Default: Cuisine, Course, Skill Level

    If you don’t have a need on your blog for one or more of these taxonomies, you can use this option to turn them on or off. (More about Taxonomies)

  2. Cost of Recipe Field
    Default: No

    If your readers would find it helpful to know an estimated cost for preparing a recipe, you can add the cost field to the add recipe box by setting this option to “yes”.

Say Thanks

  1. Plugin Credit
    Default: on

    Keeping this checkbox selected will add a small line to the end of each recipe like so:  WordPress Recipe Plugin by ReciPress. This is a nice way to support the free version of the plugin by letting your readers know what tool you’re using to add and organize recipes on your WordPress blog.

  2. Buy me a latte!

    If you would like to support the development, support, and documentation of ReciPress monetarily, this handy donate button should help you do just that. Thanks!