ReciPress Terms

Function: get_recipress_terms()

This function will return an unordered list of terms from the requested taxonomy with links to their respective archive pages.


get_recipress_terms($taxonomy, $args, $type)


(string) (required) Which taxonomy to output: ‘ingredient’, ‘cusine’, ‘course’, or ‘skill_level’.
Default: None
(string|array)(optional) Change what is returned. If $type is omitted or set to ‘list’, $args uses the same arguments as get_terms. If $type is set to ‘cloud’, it uses the same arguments as wp_tag_cloud.
Default: null
(string)(optional) Set the output type as either a ‘list’ or ‘cloud’.
Default: ‘list’

Additional Usage

Echo the Function: recipress_terms($taxonomy, $args)