New Feature in 1.9.4: Change the post type

Version 1.9.4 has just been release and with it comes a simple, but long awaited feature – the ability to change the post type. If you’ve been hacking your own way to change the recipes to post on a different post type, causing problems every time a new update comes out, now you can simply set the post type on the ReciPress options page.

Another new feature with this release is the ability to add other time to the ready to time calculation. Several users had pointed out that the ready time wasn’t always a simple calculation of prep + ¬†cook. Now you can add any extra time that the recipe calls for into the “other time” field and the ready time will calculate accordingly.

The Changelog

  • changed “Upload Image” to a more suitable “Add Image”
  • made options and meta box field behave more similarly
  • added option to change post types
  • added an “other time” input for proper “ready time” calculation.
  • fixed Quick Edit error of removing hasRecipe

6 Responses to “New Feature in 1.9.4: Change the post type”

  1. Thoroughly enjoying the plugin and will purchase when it goes pro, absolutely. :) If you need any additional beta testers let me know I’m happy to help out.

  2. Yay, you added a time feature! Wonderful! Thank you so much!

  3. Great plugin. Plz let me know once it goes pro

  4. I use plugin bbpress, topic is a post type.Can I Change the post type to topic ? woo…

    • You can, but the meta box may only show up when creating/editing topics in the back end.

  5. Great plugin. How can i change the size of the photo in the recipe? I would like to make it bigger and have a frame.

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