Organic cbd oil is being used as a natural remedy to many ailments. It is worth noting that cbd oil does not contain THC – the “high” causing psychoactive chemical found in marijuana. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil is legal in all the other 50 states. Organic cbd oil is distinguishable from the classic cbd oil as it’s free of additives and preservatives. This oil is slowly gaining mainstream popularity and for all the right reasons – you get to enjoy all the health benefits of the marijuana plant without the mind-altering effects.

Here are six health benefits of organic cbd oil.
1. Pain and inflammation reliever
Since ancient civilizations, generations have used marijuana as a pain relief. Perhaps most people buy cbd oil for pain management. It’s true that we’ll experience physical pain at some points in our lives. It’s only natural that we find a way of alleviating his discomfort. Sadly, chronic pain can never be fully cured. I’m sure you know that painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin “eat-up” the stomach lining when used in excess. you’re better off using organic cbd oil for pain relief instead of relying on these prescribe d painkillers. Unlike conventional pharmaceuticals, cbd oil is 100 % natural and doesn’t contain toxic ingredients.
2. Helps in reducing anxiety
Anxiety and depression typically go hand in hand. According to statistics provided by the world health organization, depression hits more than three hundred million people globally. In the USA< they rely on antidepressants. I’m sure you know that these drugs are quite addictive and they have nasty side effects to. They often have a heavy dependency and the patient cannot think clearly without them. Organic Cbd oil is packaged into pills and tinctures for easy administration. Start with a 5mg dosage and you will notice a mood shift.
3. Might prevent cancer
Several scientific studies are implying that organic cbd oil could be beneficial in preventing cancer. This oil works by causing antiproliferative effects to the body that help in preventing growth of cancerous cells. A recent study conducted in 2006 showed that cbd oil helped in inhibiting growth cells affected by breath tumor without affecting the healthy cells nearby.
4. Eliminating nausea
Nausea is the body’s natural mechanism for eliminating harmful toxins ingested. The body triggers this response in self-defense. But does this make it less miserable? Of course not. It’s only normal that nausea subsides in a day. Organic Cbd oil alters how the nausea receptors and ensures that they never produce serotonin. This is the vomiting-inducing neurotransmitter. When administered in small doses, cbd oil helps in alleviating discomfort brought by nausea.
5. Keeps heart disease at bay
As the days go by, we’re seeing more and more physicians prescribing organic cbd oil to their patients suffering from chronic cardiovascular ailments such as atherosclerosis Herat failure occurs when plaque buildup on the walls impairing the cardiovascular system. The heart has to work twice as hard and this is how high blood pressure starts. Organic cbd oil relaxes the artery walls promoting the healthy functioning of the heart. I recommend ordering organic cbd oil from Ojai Energetics as they offer superior quality cbd oils.