It seems that with the prevalence of payments being done by card, the world of cash converters has slowly been sinking away. In a lot of ways this makes sense of course, why bother getting a bunch of cash converted if you can just take out the local currency at a local ATM or even better, just pay by card? While this is the overwhelming logic for a good reason, it doesn’t quite work with everywhere in the world that you might want to go. If you go to Europe then sure, it’s probably just easier to pay mostly by card and then take out some money here and there, even if banks normally charge you anything from a slight fee to an absurd fee every time you take money out of an international ATM. (pro tip, always check your banks fees for international withdrawal. While traveling I have had some banks charge me as little as one or two dollars each time and other banks, ehem Bank of America, I am looking at you, that charged me easily six or seven times as much to take out the same amount of money) Anyway, that was a bit of a ranty digression. Sorry.

What I am trying to say is that while taking money out from ATMS or paying by card is a great option in many places, it doesn’t work everywhere and in those places, it is better to plan a bit before hand instead of waiting till you arrive and realize you don’t have any options. Now where to turn you might ask to get your currency converted or to get any kind of world banknote. The answer might be somewhere you might not have thought to look actually. One of the best ways to get weird world banknotes that you might not be able to get from your bank is to check out world banknote collection companies such as The Great American Coin Company. Collectible coin retailers like the Great American Coin Company as you might assume, mostly focus on collectible coins and banknotes but there is a decent niche in world banknotes. gold coinOf course some of them might be rather old so you should always make sure that whatever world banknotes you are buying are current but since there are a number of people who collect world banknotes and don’t want to spend all of their time traveling to countries just to get a handful of their currency, a lot of these collectible banknote and collectable coin companies have started to stock their own selection of world banknotes. For example, the Great American Coin Company has a bunch of available, current, banknotes from places like Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Russia, China and a bunch more. Even if you just get enough to have an emergency back up cash reserve, if you ever find yourself in a bit of a jam, you will be incredibly happy that you thought before and secured yourself with a little bit of cash.