Almost every human being that has ever existed on this planet has, at one point or another been subjugated to the negative effects of physical pain in their lives. Whether or not the pain is acute and sudden, or long-term and chronic, pain has cannabis pain reliefplayed a major part in the lives of countless individuals throughout the history of mankind. There have been many different ways to combat pain in the past, throughout the ages of humanity.


What might surprise you at the end of this journey through our historic pain-relief remedy past is that natural and non-habit forming remedies to pain are the only option worth considering at all. When presented with the sinister choice between the likely addiction to pain-killers or the acute, pleasure and euphoria of cannabis pain relief, dulling the sharp edges of pain’s jagged little blade without the risk of dependency. Topical cannabis is akin to an altruistic therapy puppy, tickling your spirit, distracting you from the pain that had just recently consumed you by increasing your feeling of well-being. Many have been choosing to try cannabis pain relief over prescription medications as of late.


The very first remedies that early man used to squash the feelings of acute and long-term chronic pain were found in the natural world surrounding them… the first effective and reliable pain relief was discovered in nature, occurring naturally. Medicinal plants and herbs were foraged for and harvested and prepared in such a way to maximize their restorative and rejuvenating effects on the human body, mind and spirit. Pain relievers were (and still are) literally growing from the earth, ready to be harvested by the wise. There was once an early homosapien who was both resourceful and knowledgeable enough to identify the plant(s) needed to alleviate symptoms of pain in early man and woman.  All the while, dodging any poisonous plants that might be masquerading as quick… accessible… unlimited relief… But at the potential cost of completely losing oneself down a long, twisted road into a relentless and punishing addiction…


The period of cannabis pain relief and cannabis anxiety relief has reached the beginning of its renaissance. One of the most innovative and modern ways to administer cannabis pain relief is the impressive new NanoSerum by the wizards over at Evolve Formulas.


THC is a component of cannabis. When ingested, THC causes feelings of euphoria and a feeling–for lack of a better term–of being ‘high’. THC can cause some adverse side-effects. If administered in high enough dosage, THC will inspire feelings of anxiety. This is only temporary and will quickly come to pass. It’s important to try different cannabis options to find your ideal THC:CBD ratio. Knowing this ratio will help you find the strain that is best for you when you visit your local dispensary. If you are visiting a reputable cannabis dispensary, the staff will be able to present you, at the very least, with one terrific cannabis strain option based on the THC:CBD ratio that you prefer.