There’s no straightforward answer when it comes to choosing a private Christian academy for your child. The process is difficult to say the least, since every other private school is trying to portray itself as the utmost purveyor of private Christian education. gifted school

But the private academy also determines the rest of your child’s life in terms of physical, mental and spiritual growth. This means that no matter how hard the vetting process seems, you need to go through it and choose the best private Christian school for your child.

Choosing schools isn’t always about the price but what you truly want to see from your child at the end of their school education. Here are a few points to take into consideration while looking for a private Christian academy.

Superior Learning and Passing Rates

When it comes to academic performance, private school education is known to shine. The education system provides results that are not only better than public school education, but the bonus comes in the fact how your child has a strong character and knows the word of God at all times.

You can make comparisons by either researching the school’s past academic performance or by personally holding discussions with each private Christian school available in your area. You can discuss these questions with the school’s administration, which would allow you to ask them about the learning approaches they work with.

Wholesome Environment

Before you go any deeper, you must ensure that the school’s environment is safe from both physical and emotional standpoints. Remember, that private school is the place your child will go to for the next 5-8 years. Thus, consider how your child feels about the school and plan a visit to take a tour if possible.

It’s also very useful to ask certain parents who have their children at the same private academy on how well the environment is for learning and for providing wholesome social and recreational opportunities.


The Word is Spoken Everyday

Ideally, you would want your child to constantly learn the word of God. This is because you would want to ensure that your child is learning something new about the Bible every single day to keep them engaged with private Christian education. That way, you will see your child growing spiritually at a quicker rate than by having Bible study brought up once or twice a week.

It also gives them the chance to think about what decisions they are making in their lives. This helps them shape their perspectives to become aligned with God’s teachings, which will make them choose the right path for themselves ahead in life.


Educational and Spiritual Teaching

If your child is under performing in either educational or spiritual classes at the previous school, then make sure that they have access to well-experienced improvement teachers at the new private academy.

The approach employed by these teachers would allow your child to be self-motivating and more eager to learn and improve. Make sure that the school’s staff practices the values of keeping their students on the right track. This can either be in a form of one on one tutoring, make up classes or group tutoring.


They Believe in Your Morals

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is learning the same topics of Christian values that helped you learn valuable life lessons.

Each child needs to know of and understand these values before advancing on with their academics. Thus, make sure to ask the school or the teachers about their approach with teaching Christian values through the lessons taught in Bible.

Wesley Academy Could Be Your Answer

As a private Christian school that makes sure to deliver on the promise of improved grades and a thorough teaching of Christian values, Wesley Academy could prove to be of help.

Wesley Academy believes in learning differences education, which allows it to be of optimal help to those students that are under performing while also being present for those who need a gifted education program. This makes sure that your child benefits from Wesley Academy’s approach as both a learning differences academy and a gifted school.

If you want to learn more about Wesley Academy or its programs, don’t hesitate from reaching out to the school today.