of thousands of US children take gymnastics classes each year. The seriousness of these classes depends on the facility, instructors, and children that are a part of them. Some facilities take their gymnastics classes very seriously, and the majority of their kids go on to compete in various competitions around the state and country. Other facilities are much more laid back, with their main purpose being to provide a space for kids to have fun. Figuring out what type of facility you want your child to attend and how serious you want their classes and instructors to be is any parent’s first step when they’re looking to sign their child up for gymnastics.

Even though hundreds of thousands of US kids are already taking gymnastics, it’s not enough. All children should be engaging in activities like gymnastics. Here are three reasons why this is the case.

1. Kids Need Exercise. First and foremost, more kids should be doing things like gymnastics because the majority of US children aren’t getting enough exercise. It’s important for kids to learn good habits early on, and when children are fit and in shape, they’re much more likely to grow up into fit and in shape adults. Bodies are meant to move, and engaging in activities like gymnastics is one of the best ways to ensure kids grow up strong and healthy.

2. Social Skills. Second, when kids engage in activities like gymnastics classes, they learn social skills. They’re forced to engage with one another, and they learn how to communicate, how to negotiate, and how to work together. These are invaluable skills that not enough American children are learning because they’re spending way too much time in front of screens.

3. Structure. The final reason why more kids should be taking gymnastics or something similar to it is because it’s a good way for children to learn structure and for them to learn how to follow instructions. When you sign your kid up for a gymnastics class, you’re signing them up for something that’s going to be led by an instructor. This instructor is going to tell your child and all of the other children in the class what they should be doing, how they should be doing it, and for how long they should do it. Of course, many instructors aren’t all that strict, but the whole thing is structured no matter how serious the class is. This is good for children because they learn how to follow instructions and how to do what they’re told. Since the real world is structured, it’s good for kids to start learning this early on.

If after reading this you’re convinced that your child should be taking some sort of gymnastics class, your next step should be to figure out what facility they should take their classes at. If you live in the Houston, Texas metro area, World Champions Centre should be one of the facilities you’re considering. They have a wide range of classes for parents to choose from, an expert team of instructors and trainers, and one of the best facilities in the country.