Urgent Fix, Please upgrade to 1.9.6

Yoou may have noticed with version 1.9.5 that I changed the way ingredients are selected. Now instead of typing in and hoping the type/search tool works, we’re using a chosen select which lets you search for an item or select from your existing list. It works a lot smoother and is easier to maintain.

However, it also wasn’t finding existing ingredients correctly and if you upgraded and then logged in to view a post with a recipe, it probably looked like all your ingredients were lost. Don’t fret, they are still there, just don’t resave the post as you see it or they will be lost for that post. The problem has now been fixed, so please upgrade to version 2.9.6 and if you ahven’t already upgraded from previous versions, you should feel safe that this problem won’t effect you if you go straight to version 2.9.6.

Many thanks to user Peter Ricci for finding this error and reporting it to me so that we could get it all fixed up! If you notice any other quirks surrounding this, please comment here or post in the support forums.


UPDATE: Due to the amount of bug reports coming in, I’ve rolled the stable version number back to 1.9.4. I will be getting things sorted out as soon as I can, but have had a death in the family consuming my attention right now instead. Thanks for your help and patience during this time. – TH, 2/9/13

7 Responses to “Urgent Fix, Please upgrade to 1.9.6”

  1. The “Add Image” feature doesn’t seem to be working. I click on the button and nothing happens. I have the latest version of the plugin, as well as the latest version of WP installed.

    Can you help?

    • Hi Kim,

      Please use the support forums for support requests.

  2. Where can I get 1.9.6? wordpress.org lists 1.9.4 as the newest (which is weird, since I updated to 1.9.5 yesterday via the built-in update function).

  3. Where can I get version 1.9.6? The link to download on this site takes me to a page where I can only get 1.9.4 and in the WordPress admin there is no update available.

  4. Please see the update on this post.

  5. Really looking forward to Recipress Pro. Would love my users to submit recipes and share them on our site! :)

    All the best.

  6. Sympathies on the death in the family; family first of course.

    Thanks for releasing such a professionally designed plugin!

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