Version Update: Added $type to recipress_terms

it’s been a few weeks since the last update so this one brings several fixes. Here’s the changelog:

1.9 (Janury 31, 20120)

  • fixed image uploader js
  • added $type to recipress_terms()
  • fixed widget constructors
  • fixed get_term_link
  • added de_DE lang
  • fixed load_plugin_textdomain
  • fixed meta box Ingredients description to use sprintf

Most of these are behind the scenes changes, and the biggest one is adding the ability to set either a cloud or list type with the recipress_terms function. See the updated documentation for more information.

3 Responses to “Version Update: Added $type to recipress_terms”

  1. Awesome! That fixed the image upload problem, however I’m still having an issue with image size when embedded with a step in the instructions. Please see the image attached to step 2 in this post for an example:

    I selected “small (200 x 301)”, as the size, but instead it’s showing the full sized 600×902 image.

    Also, the “Add Media” dialog box in WordPress usually has a “gallery” tab that shows only the images associated to that post. The dialog that shows up when I click “upload image” in ReciPress only has “From Computer”, “From URL” and “Media Library”. It’s not a big deal for recent posts since the most recent images show up first in the Media Library, but I’m planning on going though and retrofitting about 500 posts with ReciPressed recipes. This means I’ll either need to go dig up the original photos for older posts and re-upload them (a waste of disk space), or I’ll have to go through hundreds of pages of images in the Media Library to find the ones for that post.

  2. Opps, I meant “medium (200×301)” not “small”

  3. See My comment from the ReciPress Pro post and the WordPress support forum.

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