Category: Version Updates

Urgent Fix, Please upgrade to 1.9.6

Yoou may have noticed with version 1.9.5 that I changed the way ingredients are selected. Now instead of typing in and hoping the type/search tool works, we’re using a chosen select which lets you search for an item or select from your existing list. It works a lot smoother and is easier to maintain. However, […]

NOW uses the new WordPress 3.5 media uploader for images!

I’ve just sent up version 1.9.5 which includes a boat load of fixes and updates. One of the most exciting from a user’s standpoint is the support of WordPress’ new media manager for uploading image. This is sure to give you a better experience, especially for those of you that may have had trouble with […]

New Feature in 1.9.4: Change the post type

Version 1.9.4 has just been release and with it comes a simple, but long awaited feature – the ability to change the post type. If you’ve been hacking your own way to change the recipes to post on a different post type, causing problems every time a new update comes out, now you can simply […]

ReciPress is Ready for Pro: 1.9.3

It’s only been twelve days since the last update, and there weren’t any major bugs to fix, but this update brings major changes to how the back end is handled in preparation for ReciPress Pro. The Changelog Added functions to add and remove items from arrays Cleaned up recipress_fields array and changed the way items are added […]

Version 1.9.2 is Now Available

This version addresses a few small bugs and couple features as well. It also includes five new languages! These language files are donated by plugin users and are thus not supported by me. If you notice any errors, please let us know in the support forums and we’ll try to get it fixed. 1.9.2 Changelog fixed error […]