If you think that you could benefit from medical marijuana then you may want to meet with a medical cannabis doctor. First, you need to check your state’s Medical Cannabis Doctorlaws regarding medical marijuana and make sure it is legal where you are located. If it is legal in your state then the next step is to find a qualified and trusted doctor in your area.


The medical marijuana industry is fairly new, therefore you need to make sure you do your research and watch out for any fraud. One of the best suggestions for finding a medical cannabis doctor is to get referrals. If you have a family member or friend who uses medical marijuana ask them who their doctor is and where they got it from. Ask them a lot of questions about their doctor and if they trust them. Ask them what their experience has been with the doctor and obtaining the marijuana. You should also ask them which dispensary they use to obtain their medical marijuana. Not all dispensaries are created equal so it is important to find a good one.


Another tip for finding a medical cannabis doctor is to ask your current physician if they have any recommendations. They may know of or work with a medical cannabis doctor that they could recommend to you. However, be aware not all doctors believe in the use and benefits of medical marijuana. If that is the case with your doctor they will not recommend you to anyone. You can still find a medical cannabis doctor outside of your regular physician though, you do not need their permission.


The third tip in finding a medical cannabis doctor is to do your research and have patience. There are a lot of doctors who use cannabis to treat their patients. When you find a doctor you should feel comfortable with them. You should also be able to trust them and the specific program they recommend for you. Tell them about your history, any medications you are on and if you have a history of addiction. Also, be as detailed as you can about why you think you need marijuana. They should keep track of your progress and how it is making you feel throughout the treatment plan. Doctors in each state are subject to different regulations. You should check and see what your state requirements are and make sure your medical cannabis doctor is following them.  


If you find a medical cannabis doctor that is right for you and they think marijuana will help you, the next step is a treatment plan. Usually, you will be given marijuana that is smokeless such as a vaporizer or edible. However, if it is your first time they probably will not start you out on edibles.
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