next time you’re driving through a residential neighborhood, look around to see how many of the homes have solar panels on their roof. More and more Americans are installing solar panels, and for good reason. Not only is it beneficial for the environment for homeowners to produce their own energy by capturing the sun’s rays rather than taking electricity from their utility company that’s likely still using a lot of coal and natural gas, but it’s also beneficial for them from an economic standpoint. When a homeowner installs solar panels on their roof, they drastically reduce their utility bill. In fact, in some cases they’re even able to make money each month by selling the energy they produce back to the utility company. When a homeowner installs solar panels, they’re much more likely to pay attention to how much energy they’re using. This increased attention actually helps homeowners reduce their energy consumption. They’re more likely to turn off lights, turn off the TV when they’re not watching it, and use their HVAC system only when they actually need it.

Of course, before a homeowner can have solar panels on their roof, they first have to hire a residential solar installation company to install them. Given the high demand for solar panels these days, there are quite a few of these companies in every major city in the country. When you’re looking into these companies and trying to figure out which one you should hire, there are a number of things you should be considering, from how much they cost to how long they’ve been installing solar panels. However, the single most important thing to look for is whether or not they’re willing to handle the logistics for you.

What does it mean to hire a solar panel installation company that handles the logistics? It means three things. First, it means that they’ll take care of the permitting process for you. They’ll consult with the city to get the proper permits, and they’ll help to ensure that everything about your solar panel installation is correct under local rules and regulations. Second, they’ll handle the entire process of getting your solar system connected to your utility provider. They’ll let the utility company know that you’re setting up a solar system, and they’ll work with them to ensure that you’re able to sell your energy back to them on months where you store more energy than you use. Finally, it means that they’ll take care of your rebate application for you. There are specific programs in place both nationally and on the state level that provide various rebates and tax breaks to homeowners who install solar panels. They’ll take care of that process for you to ensure you’re getting all of the incentives you deserve.

When you work with a solar panel installation company like SunTalk Solar that takes care of all of these logistics for you, the whole process goes much more smoothly and you end up with a connected solar system that saves you money.